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Lineage as it have should been

The US Version of Lineage never got the resources and work (ak Love) from NC-Soft Korea it would have needed to get successful here. When the game was shut down, the client and server was in a outdated state.
However the server code for Lineage is now been around for quite some time and is maintained by a team of developers. While there are a lot so called free servers that run their own modified version of the game, there is one server that matches the original US Ruleset.

It is the Westknight Server.

Westknight is an old Pledge from the former live server Ken Rauhel. They offer a free to play version of Lineage that is definitely worth a look. Some of the most noteworthy features are:
- reliable server. This server is now up and running for over 4 years.
- real look and feel of Lineage (No absurde modifications or customizations like a Grim Reaper Class or CrackDK)
- newest Client. Yes, that means in game maps, higher resolution, window mode and a lot, lot more cool features.
- regular unique events (That includes GM controlled Boss event too.)
- friendly and cooperate community (If you happen to play live you will meet a lot known names. Lot Ken folks.)
- no hackers (this is a private server - justice comes swift here)
- adjusted basic rules for xp, drops, karma, etc. Means way less grind without ruining the game. It really goes well if you play casual or full time.

Have a look on their server here: Westknight Online Gameing


Lineage Eternal - The Saga Continues!

Great news for all Lineage fans! Lineage Eternal is on the way and it looks awesome! Looks like Lineage Library just got a new future - our new website is already in the works - stay tuned.


Lineage Library Chars for iPhone

We promised the best community in the MMORPG world an anniversary surprise and now is the time to unveil it. We are presenting to you:
Lineage Library Chars

LinLibChars is a free iPhone app for the US version of Lineage. It consist of an complete char simulator, with items, buffs, stat history and a roster for your chars. That alone would be nice enough, but the real cool feature are the time charts for all boats, Crack of Time, Castle Sieges and boss spawn times!
Feel free to have a look on Lineage Library Chars in the app store.

The new Lineage Client in all detail!

Gludin - Talking Island
Heine - Forgotten Island
Pirate Island - Hidden Dock

Boarding Departure Arrival

Talking Island - Gludin
Forgotten Island - Heine
Hidden Dock - Pirate Island

Boarding Departure Arrival

Lineage Hints & Knowledge

Did you know that all orcish monsters are weak to mithril weapons?

Let's make it better!

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