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Legends of Aden Server

Lot of us playing on the Legends of Aden Server.
This new server has a few pros and cons, so lets have a closer look.

The server runs on a dedicated hardware in a server room with a decent network connection. But more important - the server has active GMs who work on the code. Updates and bugfixes come on a frequent basis and Monitors roam the game actively to enforce the rules.

So the technical side is fine, lets see about the community and play experience.

I must admit that my first impression of some part of the community was not impressive, to put it very, very mildly.
But on the other hand are the GMs in the progress of enforcing the rules, thus the play experience on the server became significantly better.

Personally I am disappointed that Lineage 1 was shut down by NC and I had the hopes that WK would fill this hole. But perhaps it just wasn't meant to be. GM Legends explained some of his motivations and background in his forum and I think it will be best to share this so you can gain an own impression:

Beta was 3+ months long of testing. Before that myself and my other GMs spent 6+ months coding out bugs and getting all the things we found from TFO, WK, Frisky, 1.5 linguring. This has been a very long progressive push into going live. The only reason I went live when I did was the abrupt shutdown of WK. I wanted to give those players a place to go that was not a pay to win server.

Because I went live sooner than I wanted to, things like saving exclude and -potions did not make it in the final cut. I have a length post on the monitor forums discussing what makes the cut and what doesnt, what is in the first month, whats in the following etc. I run this server like a business project.

Currently the Legends of Aden Server is still a work in progress with lot progress already made.
But unlike NC-Soft you see more progress being made, even as I write here.

We have here a promising server that could be the Lineage 1 we did want from NC. The GMs seems serious, which is the part that convinced me personally.

You will find the most of us there now and you should play here to.


Thank you Westknight Team

With the return of Wks Head GM the team decided to pull the plug of their Lineage 1 Server. While this is sad news for us all, we hope the server will return someday.

Thank you Westknight Team for all your work.

In the mean time we are looking for a new home.
We are currently trying the Legends of Aden server. More on this when we have an impression of the server stability and community.


Lineage Library Chars for iPhone

We promised the best community in the MMORPG world an anniversary surprise and now is the time to unveil it. We are presenting to you:
Lineage Library Chars

LinLibChars is a free iPhone app for the US version of Lineage. It consist of an complete char simulator, with items, buffs, stat history and a roster for your chars. That alone would be nice enough, but the real cool feature are the time charts for all boats, Crack of Time, Castle Sieges and boss spawn times!
Feel free to have a look on Lineage Library Chars in the app store.

The new Lineage Client in all detail!

Gludin - Talking Island
Heine - Forgotten Island
Pirate Island - Hidden Dock

Boarding Departure Arrival

Talking Island - Gludin
Forgotten Island - Heine
Hidden Dock - Pirate Island

Boarding Departure Arrival

Lineage Hints & Knowledge

Silver, mithril and oriharukon weapons and arrows do 1-20 additional damage to undead monsters.

Let's make it better!

Any donation will help to make Lineage Library even better!

Thanks to all donors!